Item Pick Up

Saturday, Sept 28 from 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Consignors should arrive on time and complete the pick up in the allotted time. We do not sort items for consignor pick up and therefore all consignors picking up clothing items must mark their hangers.  Items that are not picked up during the selected time will be considered a donation.

Consignors will be responsible for finding and packing up their own items. We do not provide bags or boxes for your items so please remember to bring something with you to collect and transport any unsold items. Please remember to check all areas of the sale for your items as shoppers may have moved things during the day!


* This report may not show the final updates until closer to the end of pick up because it processes slowly!

When you log into the consignor portal, you will have access to your unsold items report. The unsold item report only lists items that are NOT MARKED DONATE and are unsold. This report is helpful to consignors during item pick up but it may not be completely up to date prior to pick up because we are still processing sales. There may still be other items that were not sold at the sale that are still available for pickup, but since they were marked for donation, they will not appear on the Unsold Item Report.

All unsold items that you would like to keep must be picked up during your consignor pick up time on the day of the sale. Little Flower Consignments will not return any items that are not picked up. Items that have not been picked up will be donated to local charities or sold at the Dollar Dash. It is the consignor’s responsibility to check all areas for their items and let us know if anything is missing.


If there is a question about an item that is unaccounted for, please ask one of the volunteers at the sale for assistance in finding it during consignor pick up. If we can not find items over $10 immediately, we will record them and try to find them during the Dollar Dash, Donation Pick Up, and Clean Up.

​We work hard to prevent “shrinkage” at our sale, but unfortunately, some items still disappear. Several procedures have been instituted to check that all items have been purchased and items do not go missing. For instance, door guards check receipts and the Large Item Hold Bay will only accept purchased merchandise. We also thoroughly check the facility in between sale times to be sure items are not hidden or placed in inappropriate areas.

Please let us know during item pick up if you are missing items! If you wait until after the sale, there is very little we can do to help recover your items.

All consignors must leave the facility by 3:30pm to allow us time to prepare for the Clear the Racks Sale.

All items remaining at end of consignor pick up will be donated to the Clear the Racks Sale or to a local charity.