Review Your Sales

Consignors can view their sales in the consignor portal the day of the sale.  To view your sales, log in and review the various options.  Pleas read the details of each below as the system is only showing an estimate and does not account for all percentages and fees. 

Our system will be updated throughout the day and then again the following day to ensure all items are registered.  If an item was not able to be scanned for any reason, we will manually enter it into the system with your consignor number and price, but we do not re-enter the description.  
​If item numbers are not known, you may see “Unknown Item Added During Sale” on your reports.

Consignor checks will be mailed to the address on file in our system about 2-4 weeks after the sale and we will alert consignors via Facebook when checks are mailed.  Please be sure your address is correct in the consignor portal.  We will charge a fee for checks that need to be reissued because of a bad address.  Checks will not be mailed for amounts less than $5.

Please notify us if your check is not received within 6 weeks of the sale. Any discrepancies with your consignor check or tags must be addressed within this time frame.  You must notify us within 75 days of the sale if your check is lost in the mail.  After 90 days from the sale, all checks not deposited are null and void and cannot be deposited or reissued.


Estimated Earnings is based on the volunteer consignor percentage (70%).  If you did not volunteer with us, you percentage will be 50% of your sold items.  This does not include your consignor fee, which will be deducted from your total.


The View Sold Items link is a listing of everything that sold and the amount it was sold for.  This shows which items were sold for full or half prices.


This is similar to sold items, but it gives you a summary at the top with your sales totals. If you did not volunteer, your consignor percentage will only be 50%.  This does not include your consignor fee, which will be deducted from your total.


The Unsold Item Report is a listing of items that did not sell and are NOT MARKED for donation.  This report is mainly used for consignors who plan to pick up their items at the sale and therefore doesn’t show the items that are marked for donation. This report may not be completely up to date prior to consignor pick up.


The Donation Report is a listing of all items that were not sold that you had marked for donation.  You can use this as your donation receipt.  Print it now and save it because it will be overwritten at the next sale.


If some of your items were unable to be scanned during the sale, they will also show at the bottom of your list without any description.  Please take note of these items as the original barcoded item will not show as sold because it was manually entered and appears as “Unknown Item Added During the Sale” at the bottom of your list.  Possible reasons for an item not being scanned are poorly printed barcodes, tag paper that is too dark or texturized, tape over the barcode, ripped tags, or inaccurate barcode size (if you shrink or enlarge your tags).