Thank you for your interest in the Little Flower Consignments.  We have many families that are interested in supporting the sale, but would prefer not to take the time to consign their items.  We will gladly take your usable maternity and children’s items and issue you a tax receipt for your donation.  In this instance, Divine Mercy Outreach, our charity, will receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of your items to help those in need in the community.

We will accept your donated items up until two weeks before the sale.  Since we will be selling these items, they should be clean and usable (please do not donate items that are badly stained, damaged, or broken).  Ideally, we appreciate it if you can drop off your donations to us (we have lots of team members located throughout Northern Virginia).  If a drop off is not possible, we can come pick up your donations at your home.  The Little Flower Consignments donations team will be preparing these items for sale.  If you can donate hangers with your items, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like help placing a value on your tax deductible donations, consider purchasing the software  ItsDeductible® (by the creators of TurboTax® and approved by the IRS).  It is available from local retailers and on-line at http://www.itsdeductible.com/.

For more information about how to donate your items or to schedule a drop-off, please contact the Donations Coordinator and thank you for donating to our sale!