Shifts And Perks

Since we have added a day to our June sale, we will need even more volunteers so please consider signing up.  We have extended the amount of time you have to shop before the sale opens to the public and or any other special group.  Please join us!

Volunteers are guaranteed a shopping spot in their allotted time, but all other reservations are first come, first serve.  


Any volunteer who works 2 or more shifts can start shopping at 8am Friday morning.  These double shift volunteers will have a full hour to shop with  few other shoppers before single shift volunteers enter, starting at 9am.  The 2 shifts must be worked by the same person and cannot be shared.


This shift is on Thursday prior to the sale and is an active position requiring moving/lifting, setting up racks, shelves, and tables.  We recommend you bring a pair of work gloves to protect your hands from splinters. Consignors who work this shift may bring in their items for drop off after their shift is completed. This counts as a double shift so volunteers may shop at 6:15am.


This shift is on Thursday prior to the sale and requires volunteers to help direct consignors dropping off their items, help put items on the sale floor, and help to organize all dropped off items. This is a physical position that requires lifting and carrying items.


This shift is on Thursday prior to the sale.  You will be unloading cars and placing items on the sale floor for consignors who have elected to use valet drop off.  This is a physical position that requires lifting and carrying items.


This is usually a seated position and would be good for people who cannot volunteer in some of our more active positions.  This volunteer position helps direct shoppers to the proper doors and lines during the sale and assists with volunteers and consignors signing in and out.


This position is in the indoor or outdoor large equipment hold bays to help people store or put items on hold while they shop.  This is a great shift for organized people because you will be asked to tag items and get them back to their new owners.


Our cashiers will be using computers so we ask that you are comfortable working on a laptop for this fast paced shift. We will show you how to scan and enter tags into our cashier system.  This is a seated position and is ideal for someone who can’t be on their feet too much.


We will keep you busy as a floater, but we won’t know where you will be working until you get to the sale.  If you are flexible and willing to jump in anywhere, this is perfect for you!


Working on the floor at the sale means that you may be assigned various responsibilities including restocking items, reorganizing racks and tables, assisting in large equipment, and helping shoppers as needed. You will be on your feet for this shift, but you’ll also be right in the middle of everything so it makes the time pass quickly.


Taggers work with the cashiers to remove the tags from items and bag purchased items for the shoppers.  This is an active position where you will be standing and bending to fill bags and help move shoppers through the lines.


This is an active position where volunteers help with consignor pick up, the transition to the dollar dash, and clean up after the sale.  In addition to shopping pre-sale, volunteers may also shop the dollar dash sale briefly before the doors open to the public.  Consignors who work this shift must complete item pick up before their shift begins.


This is an active position requiring a lot of heavy lifting.  You will be disassembling racks, moving tables/bookcases, and helping with final clean up. We recommend you bring a pair of work gloves to protect your hands from splinters.  This counts as a double shift.


This shift is ideal for volunteers who would like volunteer benefits, but cannot work a volunteer shift. In exchange for providing money to cover hospitality costs ($40), you earn your volunteer consignor percentage (70%) and the ability to shop at the pre-sale. You will receive payment details after signing up or online payments can be made using our secure payment site.


We will have a very limited number of marketing positions available for the 2021 Summer Sale. This shift includes spreading the word by talking to local businesses, daycares, and schools about advertising our sale. This shift must be completed in the weeks leading up to the sale.  This shift is great for people who can’t volunteer on the sale weekend, but requires time and dedication before the sale.  Please contact our Marketing Lead for additional details about this shift.  You may ONLY sign up for this shift by contacting us as it isn’t available in the volunteer list.  


We encourage teenagers to volunteer at our sale.  This is a great opportunity for them to be part of the sale and to also earn volunteer hours. Students can sign up in the volunteer system online in one of the “Student Volunteer” shifts or you can email us at coordinator@LittleFlowerConsignments.org for their registration.

If you plan consign and volunteer, please register through consignor registration and will be given the option to sign up as a volunteer after you register as a consignor.