Item Preparation

Item Preparation

Consignors prepare ALL items for consignment.  The idea of tagging all your items may seem daunting, but once you have all of your supplies and get started, it moves quickly.  If you still feel overwhelmed by preparing your items, consider donating your items to our sale.  Since we are a charity, you will receive a tax receipt and you will be able to write-off the fair market value of your items. Pricing your items is completely up to you, but we offer some advice and tips from other consignors on our pricing page.
All clothing (sizes newborn to young teen or maternity) must be clean and in good condition, without stains, tears, or missing buttons.  All clothes must be placed on hangers to be put on racks for display, with the exception of shoes, socks, and accessories. Consignors must provide their own hangers. Slacks and jeans should be attached to hangers using safety pins only (absolutely no straight pins).  Please put the safety pins on the part of the hanger that forms the triangle so that pants hang down without sliding around.  For both shirts & pants, if you are looking at the hanger, the hanger opening should be facing to the left like a question mark. 
Any consignor who will be picking up unsold items MUST MARK THEIR HANGERS with tape or ribbon to quickly identify items during the pickup time.

Clean shoes and be sure they are still in wearable condition.  Shoes should be tied together using laces, a zip tie, ribbon, or placed inside a plastic bag. Be sure to put the shoe size on the tag.
Car seats are accepted at our sale, but are subject to inspection.  We will not sell any car seat that has expired (6 years from the manufactured date) or is damaged in any way.  You can check the expiration date by finding the manufacturer’s label on your seat and it should have a make, model, serial number, and production date.  It may also have an expiration date listed, but if not, the expiration date is 6 years from the production or manufactured date.  
Layette items (such as blankets) are displayed on tables. Socks and small accessories should be placed in clean plastic zipper bags to be displayed on a table.  Place the tag inside the bag so that it can be read easily.
The best way to sell bedding is to put it inside a large comforter or plastic bag. Use your tag to tell the shopper what is inside (i.e. crib bumper, comforter, bedskirt etc.).  It is often helpful to include a picture of the bedding if you have one.

Toys, play equipment, and baby equipment should be wiped down so that they are clean.  A little Magic Eraser goes a long way! Please make sure that toys and games have all their pieces, or if not, indicate the missing pieces on the tag and price the item appropriately. Small pieces that are not contained in the toy or its box should be put in plastic zipper bags and attached to toy with tape or rubber bands. Tape boxes so that pieces can not be dumped out and be sure all plastic bags are sealed. Put batteries in all electronic toys so the buyer can be sure it is working!

Fabrics on car seats, strollers, and exersaucers should be washed and stains removed as much as possible.  All items are subject to inspection by volunteers. Items that do not meet these standards may be pulled from the floor and will not be sold.

Books and puzzles may be sold as individual items or sets. If you are selling multiple books or puzzles, tightly (like wrapping a present) tie them together and indicate the number included on the tag.  Be sure all puzzles have all the pieces included and seal boxes so nothing is lost during the sale. Consider using blue painters tape or masking tape to attach tags to books so that they are not damaged when the tags are removed.
Be sure the correct video or game is included in the box and that they are not damaged before bringing them to the sale.  Adult or R rated movies are not permitted.  We no longer accept VHS tapes!
Please remember to only sell items that you would purchase yourself!