Consignor FAQ’s

Prepping and tagging items does take time and that’s why we encourage consignors to start early. The first time you consign may seem daunting but once you get the hang of it you will discover it moves quickly!  Our barcoding system is easy to use and generates barcoded tags for you. Experienced consignors usually designate a place in their house in which they can store clothing, shoes, or toys their children have outgrown throughout the year and this saves time when you start prepping for a sale. Once you start, consignment sales are a highly additive way to earn money on your gently used children’s items!

A basic list of supplies would include hangers, safety pins, various sizes of ziplock bags, scissors, hole punch, non textured white card stock (for printing tags), packing tape, painters tape, curling ribbon/zip ties. Experienced consignors restock their supplies at the end of each sale. Then you are ready to go when you sit down to start tagging for the next sale!

Check with your dry cleaner. Many consignors have also had luck asking friends and neighbors for unwanted hangers!  Shoppers from previous sales recycle their hangers from purchased items.

Anything and everything kid related! Clothing and shoes (infant to teen), toys, books, DVDs, puzzles, games, toys, sports equipment, newborn items, strollers, bouncy seats, bike, furniture and much more.


You can earn 70% of the selling price of every item you consign if you also volunteer, or 50% if you consign without volunteering.

We have a low $5 consignor fee per sale which will automatically be deducted from your earnings prior to checks being processed.

Look at each item as if you were thinking of buying it for your child – what would you pay? When pricing your items, consider your item’s age and condition. As a general rule, price items at about 1/4 to 1/3 of their original price. Price a bit higher if the item is a boutique/designer brand or a high demand item. Price on the low end if it is a more common brand or a lower demand item. We have an entire page here devoted to pricing guidelines.


Outdoor play equipment, toys, baby gear (including strollers, high chairs, pack & plays, etc), toddler-preschool size clothing as well as designer/boutique brands sell fastest and at higher prices. Outfits sell better than separates.

Infant sizes (up to 24 months,) junior clothing, maternity clothing, and bedding tend to be slow movers and should be priced on the lower end.

The more descriptive you are the easier it is to match up the item with your tag if your tag should fall off! Mention color, brand, designs, etc.  Instead of entering “boys shirt” enter “OshKosh green/blue stripe shirt w/ dinosaur.” There is a character limit so you may need to use abbreviations.

Allow 30-60 minutes depending on the number of items you are bringing. Group all clothing items by gender and size. For example, all girls size 2T should be grouped together at home. Once grouped, connect the hangers at the top with a rubber band. At the sale, place all of the items on the girls 2T rack and be sure to remove the rubber band and then you can move on to the next size or gender. Having your “like” items (shoes, games, books, etc) grouped together in boxes or bags will also make drop off more efficient.

You can pick up your unsold items during consignor pick up. Any items not picked up during this time are donated to the sale. During Dollar Dash we sell these items and all proceeds go to our charity- Divine Mercy Outreach. Anything left after Dollar Dash is picked up by another local charity.

In the Consignor Portal the View Sold Items link is a listing of everything that sold and the amount it was sold for.  This shows which items were sold for full or half prices. The Unsold Item Report is a listing of items that did not sell and are NOT MARKED for donation.  This report is mainly used for consignors who plan to pick up their items at the sale and therefore doesn’t show the items that are marked for donation.  This report may not be completely up to date prior to consignor pick up.

All new consignors must use our barcoding system to tag items. Hand written tags are allowed for a few items if you still have things to tag after the barcoding system closes the day of item drop off.

Consignor checks will be mailed to the address on file in our system about 2-4 weeks after the sale and we will alert consignors via Facebook when checks are mailed.  Please be sure your address is correct in the consignor portal.