Item Drop Off

Friday, March 8 from 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Consignor drop off is always the Friday evening prior to the sale. All consignors must check in before bringing tagged items into the building by 7:30pm on Friday and must leave the building before 8:00pm. Any items dropped at the sale before or after that time will not be put out on the floor.

You are responsible for bringing all your items into the building and setting them out in the appropriate areas unless you are doing Valet Drop Off. Volunteers will be available to point you in the correct direction and answer any questions you have.

  • Group all clothing items by gender and size. For example, all girls size 2T should be grouped together at home. Once grouped, connect the hangers at the top with a rubber band or piece of string. At the sale, place all of the items on the girls 2T rack and be sure to remove the rubber band and then you can move on to the next size or gender
  • Bring all large items (anything that cannot be carried easily in one hand – for example, strollers, car seats, high chairs) to the Large Equipment area. These items will be inspected before they can be dropped-off for the sale.
  • Pre-sort like items into boxes or grocery bags, for example one for hats, one for books, etc.
  • Pack a supply kit with pens, packing tape and safety pins, just in case you arrive ​and find a tag has wiggled loose!
  • Park car and unload all items. You may use a stroller, cart, or wagon to bring your items in.
  • Enter through the side door of St. Theresa’s Catholic School. This will allow for the easiest access to the main sale areas.
  • Check-in with a volunteer at the front table.
  • Place all items in designated places on sales floor, except for large equipment. Racks, bins and shelves are clearly labeled, and there are volunteers available to direct you. This part goes much more smoothly if you have pre-sorted items as recommended above!
  • Large equipment items must be brought to the large equipment area where they will be inspected. Anything requiring assembly, including cribs, must be put together by the consignor so be prepared with tools to put items together.