Become A Consignor

  1. Decide whether you will “Consign Only”, or “Consign and Volunteer”. If you “Consign and Volunteer”, you will receive 70% of the selling price of your items. If you “Consign Only”, you will receive 50% of the selling price of your items.
  2. Register using the buttons below. The consignor portal will email you with your consignor number. This number will stay the same for subsequent sales. You may also register for a volunteer shift when you register as a consignor.
  3. Prepare your items for consignment. This includes cleaning them, hanging clothes, attaching tags, and pricing items. See the item preparation page for details.
  4. Drop off your items during consignor drop off on the night before the sale. You are responsible for placing all of your items on the floor for the sale unless you use Valet Drop Off.
  5. Work your volunteer shift (if you are volunteering).
  6. Shop the sale if you want to find some of the best bargains around!
  7. Pick up your items during consignor pick up (if you want them back). Any items not picked up will be donated.
  8. Look for your consignor’s check 2-4 weeks after the sale.